Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It's my birthday, I'll wear hot pink if I want to

Hey there Blogees! It's my birthday! I'm 32! I don't know why I'm writing that with an exclamation point!

Okay, I'll stop.

Seriously though - something about birthdays after a certain age losing their lustre makes me want to wear hot pink and/or other freakishly bright and annoying colours. Kind of like, hey, I'm 32 and I'm gonna wear whatever the hell I want... or something.

Also - I love this skirt.

Anywho - this morning I went to the park with my BFF and her kiddos (and my kiddos, obvs) to hang out and be outside in the sunshine and have celebratory birthday timbits. And this is what I wore. Yay for birthday outfits (NOT to be confused with birthday suits - no one wants to see that, trust me).

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mud Run Fun Fashion

Today's post is going to be a bit different.

For the 2nd year in a row now I've pulled up my big-girl panties and gone and done Mud Hero: a 6k mud obstacle course fun-run. It is seriously the hardest thing I do all year (and no, it's not nearly as hard as Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash or a myriad of other mud-runs.... it's kind of like those runs goofy little brother... but hey) and I'm usually really sore and really proud of myself the next day. I'm not the most fit person around, but I manage to complete the run and do all the obstacles, so I love it. And I'm so doing it again next year.

This year, the hubs decided to join me, and our team "Muddy Mayhem" was made up of myself, the hubs, my folks, and my friend (who is way tougher than me and has done Tough Mudder approximately 18000% more times than I ever will) and I decided to share some "mud run fashion" with you.

For mud-runs, the normal fashion rules do not apply. You need to wear clothes that are fairly tight, made of wicking material, and add some wacky costume accessories to make you stand out to the photographers around the course. So here's what we wore!
My folks - possibly the coolest parents ever. 

My tough mud-run friend - this hero is ready for mud-battle!

Here you can see us rocking the neon yellow knee highs and yellow bandanas we chose for our team this year. Also - fluorescent shoelaces. Obviously.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Blues

The end of summer always gives me a slight case of the blues. Summer is so short here in Ontario, and while I do look forward to crisp fall days, and the colours of the leaves on the trees (and all the thing I'm allergic to being dead and not affecting me anymore) I know that it will only be a short time before I'm longing for the hot, lazy days of summer.
Also - it just so happens that my birthday falls in the last week of August, so I have to officially get older every year at the end of summer... so, y'know, there's THAT.

That said, the blues in this outfit do not give me the blues. They're actually quite bright and fun, and I love these printed pants so much that they basically always get worn straight out of the laundry basket.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Chambray and Floral

Sometimes when it's grey and rainy outside I like to wear the brightest possible colours. It sort of acts as a pick-me-up when the weather is crummy. This chambray shirt was the first one I ever picked up (and now I have 3 in various washes and sleeve lengths) and started my love for this amazing neutral.  To address something really quickly: chambray is not denim. It is denim-like. It comes in washes (like denim) and has a kind of blue, brushed cotton feel... but it is NOT a denim shirt. It's much lighter and more wearable. So if you're looking for a chambray, look for something that has a little bit of texture or weave to the fabric, but still flows and moves nicely. A good chambray can act as a neutral with basically any colour, but is more casual than a white button down, can also act as a great neutral layer. Okay - enough chambray talk.

I found this fabric on sale at a fabric store and I knew it was destined to be a skirt. I loved the slightly watercolour feel of the print and the colours are so bright and saturated. I paired it with a bright pink chemise and my chambray to hang out around my house, do laundry and walk the dog. It's cool, comfy and looks nice enough that if I were to go out later I wouldn't have to change.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


You guys, you guys! I got to go on a date! A MOM-DATE!

What's a Mom date, you ask? Well, I'll tell you!

It's when you go out with some other Moms for dinner and drinks and you don't take your husband or your kids.

That's right, ladies. Moms. Only.


So since I was going on a Mom date, and I was super excited to go somewhere without having to hold anyone's hand, or bring wipes with me (I mean, for reals) I decided I would get a little teensy bit dressed up! *Because I didn't want them to think I was trying too hard ifyouknowhwatimean...... lol

I wore jeans, because well...jeans. And I put on a totally simple peplum top that's really easy to wear and makes me look so much more fashionable than I really am. So comfy wedge heels and some makeup (I know, right?!), which of course had to include my favourite mascara EVER, and I even brushed my hair. Okay - maybe I was trying too hard, but keep in mind these are ladies who have had to be subjected to me in yoga-pant-early-morning-mom-mode all school year.

We went to Marca in Whitby (which is amazingly good, so go if you're ever in Whitby. I mean, it, go.) and had really good pasta, pizza, bruschetta and wine. And we talked, and we laughed, and we didn't have to yell at anyone, and no one said "I don't like this" and pushed their plate away and it was so so nice.

So thanks, ladies! I had a fab time!
And for everyone else who didn't get to go on a Mom-date - here's what I wore.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Printy Printy Print Pants

So, I'm probably not the most subtle, sedate person you'll ever meet.
What I mean is that, most people wouldn't use the word "quiet" to describe me.
I guess I'm trying to say that I can be a bit... outgoing. Gregarious, even.

Okay, honestly - I'm pretty loud, I'm not shy, I'll say just about anything, and I love love LOVE bright colours. So these print pants are pretty freakin low-key for someone like me.

For some other people these might seem a bit wild - but to each their own.

I love the print pants trend. I was waaaay ahead of the trend because when I was like 14 I had a pair of plaid bell-bottom trousers that I wore a lot. A LOT. So, clearly I was just super fashionable... and totally not a nerd. Whatever.

I don't look like a nerd in these pants though - at least I don't think I do. You'd tell me if I was wrong, wouldn't you bloggees?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Thrifted Vest

I have been wanting a cargo/canvas/military-esque style vest for quite a while now. However, most of them are either a)stupidly expensive b)not shaped correctly for someone my shape (because I just LOVE looking like a big square... literally) or c) covered in weird/awkward/so-not-my-style blingy bedazzlement - sorry - but if you grew up in the 80s/90s anything that looks like something someone went at with a Bedazzler is not really at the top of my list.

So when I saw a short-sleeved button up shirt with pretty much all the cargo/military type styling I was looking for on VarageSale for a whopping $3.00 I had to jump on it. Picked this baby up, took it home, chopped off the sleeves - and voila! Cargo vest for $3.00!

I paired it while at the cottage with a long sleeve tee, my current fave jeans and my happy birthday to me moccasins. Super comfy, warm enough for a cool rainy day up north. I can see this vest getting a LOT of wear this fall as I'm looking forward to layering it with sweaters, button downs and hoodies. I also like the versatility that the buttons and string-tie at the waistband offers.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Boho Mama

I'm absolutely positive that I am so far from actual "boho" fashion or lifestyle or whatever, but occasionally there are days when I just want to wear a flowy scarf as a vest and braid part of my hair and walk around a farmer's market in flip-flops. This was totally one of those days.

Also - I let my two kiddos take turns taking some pics with my camera -you know, you get a really interesting perspective of a place when you see pictures from the view of a child. So I thought I'd share some of those with you too. Enjoy!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Runnin! ..... errands.

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel just about run off your feet? Like suddenly every single errand that you've been thinking you need to do needs to happen all in one day?
This was one of those days. Aside from waking up that morning feeling seriously oppressed by the heavy storm clouds that were just hanging out, not doing anything except giving me a headache I suddenly felt the need to go to the farm market store, the grocer, the bank, and the library. And then come home and weed and harvest from the garden. I needed clothes I could "run around" in. Easy shorts, bright plain tee and some comfy sneakers and I'm set! What's your go-to errand outfit?

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fam Jam Casual

Our family takes pretty much any excuse to get together - and we love to hang out and celebrate pretty much everything with lots of food, laughs and yummy cake. Our parents birthdays are only 5 days apart in August and we generally do a family get together somewhere in between the two. I wore some seriously comfy (and very stretchy) jeggings, a great gingham button down and some bright accessories.  A great, comfortable fam-jam casual outfit.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What's the Story, Morning Glory?

What's the story, morning glory?
What's the word, hummingbird?

When I was growing up I had a good friend who enjoyed musicals as much as I do. And now, every time I watch a musical I think of her (Nicole, if you're reading this - you know I can't watch Bye Bye Birdie without thinking of hanging out with you!). I made this crop top, which makes me feel really retro and fun, although this Mama's 4th trimester body is definitely not up to wearing a crop-top without a tank underneath!

I love the really retro fun feel of this outfit - and although I was a little uncertain when I made it at first, I'm always on about "owning it" and so, own it I shall.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Print Mixing

Print mixing is one of those things that can either be awesome or horribly horribly awful. You know what I'm talking about. For the longest time someone would say "print mixing" to me and I'd immediately have a mental image of a teacher from my grade school, rocking the crazy aztec print blouse with a giant, floral skirt.... not.... awesome.

So, while I've had this t-shirt and these shorts for a while, and I often pull them out to wear together I usually buckle under and change one or the other for a solid instead of wearing them together. But THIS TIME I packed them in my bag to go on my kids-free weekend with the hubs... and I didn't HAVE an option to switch either for a solid piece instead... so I just went for it. And y'know - I think I like it after all! It helps to have the prints be reasonably close in size and the colours to match (and or compliment) well. That's my 2 cents for print mixing - take it for what it's worth people.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Eyelets and Lace

All last summer I was obsessed with eyelet or lace shorts - but I can tell you that finding them in a size larger than say a 10 or a 12 was like hunting for El-freakin-Dorado. And then, suddenly - magic! These babies were sitting on a sale table in Target for a whopping $12.99. It was meant to be.

I paired these sweet eyelet shorts with a fun lace yoke top that I picked up in Walmart in the states. Again - Faded Glory brand! I just love it, they make such great basics. Navy boat shoes and a fun pop of bright pink nailpolish made this a great outfit for hanging out at home and running a few errands before the hubs and I get a kid-free weekend away! Double yippee!

Well, I think that's enough exclamation marks for one post. Do you ever have a clothing obsession that you couldn't let go of? I don't know if these shorts are still "in" but I don't really care. I love them and I think I'll be wearing them for many years to come.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tie one on

I don't spend a lot of time in a dress in the wintertime, mostly because tights and I don't seem to get along and they end up with a run in like 2.8 seconds after walking out of my bedroom. However, in the summer putting on a dress is like wearing a nightgown out the house - so simple and easy to wear. The problem I do tend to find, is that because I'm a little on the busty side I tend to have to size up to get enough coverage up top... and if I size down to fit my waist, well, lets just say that the dress becomes inappropriate for anywhere besides the bedroom - oy. I wear a lot of shrugs and cardigans. But I loved the idea of tying a button down over a dress to wear it like a skirt, and this chambray is just so darn wearable!

Oh, also - this dress has pockets, which makes it awesome. That will be all.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's Yoga Life

One of the few things that I find relaxing in my Mom life is yoga. I'm not particularly awesome at it, and I don't go to a studio to take classes because, hello - that would mean that I'd have to actually leave my house, have someone watch the monsters, pay to take a class, blah blah blah - and let's be honest - that ain't gonna happen.

I do however know a few poses, own a yoga mat and have space in my house to lay it out. So I do yoga fairly regularly, mostly because it's calming and it makes me feel good. But what does a plus-size Mama of 2 wear to do yoga. Well I'll tell you - I wear yoga pants and a tight tank top. It's not the most attractive outfit I've ever put on - but it IS conducive to doing yoga. Now I know, I know - you're like - duh, Tea - what the hell ELSE would you wear? When I'm in my own house I could do yoga in my underwear for all YOU know, but when we're up north I like to get up, make a big cuppa and go and do yoga on the dock in the morning. Outside. Where everyone else who's out sitting on their dock can see me. Yup. Out in the open. And I still wear the tight clothes. And you know what - I don't care what anyone thinks. Because I'm stretching, breathing, soaking in the sounds of the water, the birds, feeling the sun on my face and back. And it feels good.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cottage Chic

I may have my faults as a mother... and as a human being in general - but there is one thing that I will not apologise for.... teaching my children the right way and wrong way to dress for certain situations. Examples of clothing related wisdom I have imparted to my boys already:

1) Leggings are not pants. I feel like we've covered this before... and speaking of covered, if you're wearing leggings and your butt is not covered, you in trouble with Mama. Leggings =/= pants. NOT. PANTS.

2) It is either hot enough to wear shorts or cold enough to wear winter-style boots. Girls who wearing shorts and uggs - I'm talking to you. It cannot be both. Pick one. If one of my boys comes home with a girl who does this, she is obviously not intelligent enough to date him. Mama has spoken

3) You do NOT dress up at the cottage. Duh. The cottage is a place, fashion wise, that's kind of in a twilight zone.

Seriously: those jeans you wore when you were a teenager and have huge holes in the knees and you can't actually button up the button, but otherwise they still fit and they feel AWESOME... go for it. A random sweatshirt for a university you did not attend (and can't actually remember who might have attended it or visited it or why this sweatshirt is actually up at the cottage) - perfect. Those sneakers you wore when your Dad made you paint the back deck and have stain splatters all over the top - couldn't think of anything better. Pretty much anything goes at the cottage - I mean - it's the COTTAGE for Pete's sake!

So this "outfit" is your basic jeans that fit and feel good + shirt that is comfortable/hoody that's comfortable + new moccasins (because I just bought them and I wanted to... enough said) = Cottage Chic.

I'm so stylish I can hardly stand myself sometimes. Also - I definitely did not brush my hair this day. All in the interest of honesty here folks.
Bonfire time!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ice Cream Social

Okay, so I didn't really go to an ice-cream social. I don't think I have the correct type of life to go to things like ice-cream socials (do people still do that? Is it a thing? I think it should be a thing). Which is unfortunate - not really because I particularly like ice-cream (because I kind of don't) - but because it would give me a more honest reason to wear cute outfits.

In this case, however, we went into town (Dorset, Ontario - woot!) on Saturday afternoon to do a little shopping (Mama bought herself a new pair of moccasins - watch for those babies in a future post) and get some ice cream at Northern D'Lites.

I love these bright red shorts that I got from Walmart and I picked up this fun teal top in the states on our way home from Calgary and I think that red and teal is a kind of unexpected but super fun and wearable colour combo. Add my trusty flip-flops (which sadly broke the very next day and were unceremoniously chucked) and it was the perfect, comfy outfit for shopping and cool treats!

Standing near some amazing boats.... that are obviously not mine.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Playdate: Comfort to the Maxi... dress

There's something about hanging out with my best friend that makes me want to wear pjs. A little weird, I know - it's not like our whole lives have been endless slumber parties, but when you're as open and comfortable with someone as I am with my BFF I usually just want to wear something relaxed and comfy. Our kids tend to drive us fairly crazy, so we usually hang out in her livingroom while they destroy each other the playroom and chat and drink tea. See? Perfect. She totally gets me.

So this is what I wore to our "playdate". I love this maxi dress. I got it from Old Navy like a billion years ago (or, like 4, what ev's) and it's just like wearing a nightgown - only appropriate to wear outside your house. Which equals awesome. I'm not a fan of having half my bra showing which usually happens because the armholes on this maxi are abnormally large, so I usually throw a little shrug or cardigan over top. It was kind of hot and muggy this day, so I went with this cool little crocheted shrug. Just enough to hide the massive armholes, but not so much so that I was overly hot. Comfortable.