Thursday, 21 August 2014


You guys, you guys! I got to go on a date! A MOM-DATE!

What's a Mom date, you ask? Well, I'll tell you!

It's when you go out with some other Moms for dinner and drinks and you don't take your husband or your kids.

That's right, ladies. Moms. Only.


So since I was going on a Mom date, and I was super excited to go somewhere without having to hold anyone's hand, or bring wipes with me (I mean, for reals) I decided I would get a little teensy bit dressed up! *Because I didn't want them to think I was trying too hard ifyouknowhwatimean...... lol

I wore jeans, because well...jeans. And I put on a totally simple peplum top that's really easy to wear and makes me look so much more fashionable than I really am. So comfy wedge heels and some makeup (I know, right?!), which of course had to include my favourite mascara EVER, and I even brushed my hair. Okay - maybe I was trying too hard, but keep in mind these are ladies who have had to be subjected to me in yoga-pant-early-morning-mom-mode all school year.

We went to Marca in Whitby (which is amazingly good, so go if you're ever in Whitby. I mean, it, go.) and had really good pasta, pizza, bruschetta and wine. And we talked, and we laughed, and we didn't have to yell at anyone, and no one said "I don't like this" and pushed their plate away and it was so so nice.

So thanks, ladies! I had a fab time!
And for everyone else who didn't get to go on a Mom-date - here's what I wore.


Peplum top - Target: similar / similar / similar / similar
Jeggings - Giant Tiger: similar / similar / similar
Wedges - Walmart: same as yesterday
3D Fibre Mascara by Younique
Lipgloss by No. 7 cosmetics

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