Friday, 1 August 2014

Playdate: Comfort to the Maxi... dress

There's something about hanging out with my best friend that makes me want to wear pjs. A little weird, I know - it's not like our whole lives have been endless slumber parties, but when you're as open and comfortable with someone as I am with my BFF I usually just want to wear something relaxed and comfy. Our kids tend to drive us fairly crazy, so we usually hang out in her livingroom while they destroy each other the playroom and chat and drink tea. See? Perfect. She totally gets me.

So this is what I wore to our "playdate". I love this maxi dress. I got it from Old Navy like a billion years ago (or, like 4, what ev's) and it's just like wearing a nightgown - only appropriate to wear outside your house. Which equals awesome. I'm not a fan of having half my bra showing which usually happens because the armholes on this maxi are abnormally large, so I usually throw a little shrug or cardigan over top. It was kind of hot and muggy this day, so I went with this cool little crocheted shrug. Just enough to hide the massive armholes, but not so much so that I was overly hot. Comfortable.

A few simple accessories and my trusty mom-purse (which I picked up for a song at Charlotte Russe) and it's playdate time!

What do you wear to hang out with your besties? Are you dress up girls or hang out casual?

Talk soon!

Maxi Dress - Old Navy: similar cut
Shrug - Walmart: similar
Purse - Charlotte Russe: similar

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