Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Print Mixing

Print mixing is one of those things that can either be awesome or horribly horribly awful. You know what I'm talking about. For the longest time someone would say "print mixing" to me and I'd immediately have a mental image of a teacher from my grade school, rocking the crazy aztec print blouse with a giant, floral skirt.... not.... awesome.

So, while I've had this t-shirt and these shorts for a while, and I often pull them out to wear together I usually buckle under and change one or the other for a solid instead of wearing them together. But THIS TIME I packed them in my bag to go on my kids-free weekend with the hubs... and I didn't HAVE an option to switch either for a solid piece instead... so I just went for it. And y'know - I think I like it after all! It helps to have the prints be reasonably close in size and the colours to match (and or compliment) well. That's my 2 cents for print mixing - take it for what it's worth people.

The stripes, boat neck and little boats on the shorts make me feel kind of like I should be jumping onto the bow of some ship and starting to haul sail... but I'm not. I like that it has a slightly nautical feel... what do you think?


Shorts - Old Navy (Old): similar / similar
Shirt - Old Navy (Old): similar / similar / similar

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