Thursday, 31 July 2014

Market Day

One of the things I love about living in a small town (or at least, living in a fairly large, amalgamated town that still behaves and thinks it's a small town) is being able to do things like walk from our house up to the Farm Market at the Old Fire Hall in downtown. My sister and her baby joined us for a walk and some market shopping, scooping up fantastic deals like enormous radishes, 2 giant green peppers and a cucumber for only $5.00. The boys bought something from their fave vendor "the lady who sells the big pretzels" and we even walked up to the library square afterwards and had a lunch of homemade perogies and meat patties. Delish!

Considering that the route up the market and back is about 4 km I needed to wear something comfy, cool and easy to walk in. I love the ever so slight wackiness that these print pants offer, and a chambray shirt is an easy accompaniment. Throw on some sneakers that I zentangled in my free-time and this outfit was perfect for market day.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mama Chic

I call this type of outfit "Mama Chic". It's like the Today's Parent of outfits for Moms. It's the perfect recipe for looking what my Grandmother would call "put together". Which pretty much means boring, basic, but clothed not in sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt.

So, to recap: Capri pants (with a proper waistband and fly, y'know "real" pants) + Brightly coloured T-shirt + Contrasting colour sweater/cardigan/light blazer = Mama Chic

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rainy Summer Day

I love the summer. Mostly because in relation to it, I can't stand being cold. I love those long, hot, summer days where you really just want to lay down somewhere and soak it in.... however, when we get a little brief reprieve in the middle of summer, after a good long thunderstorm the night before and you wake up in the morning and the air coming in feels fresh and cool. This was one of those days. Not planning on going anywhere means being dressed in something that's comfy enough to wear around the house, play with the kids and just hang out.

Monday, 28 July 2014

What the cut (out)?

Okay friends, can we discuss something? This isn't going to be an outfit post, because I need to share a thought with you.

Tops, dresses and bathing suits - oh, laugh while you can - I'm not sure I'm at the stage yet where you'll get to see me in a swimsuit (maybe by the end of the summer, or if I post after drinking enough wine - yikes!)

But there's a little trend I've been seeing both in swimsuits and in tops lately and it looks like this:

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer Sunday

Going to church in the summer can be awesome - you see people that you probably haven't seen in a few weeks, everyone is happy because it's summer, and the kids Sunday School consists mostly of games so they can hardly wait to get there.

It can also be absolutely ridiculously hot. And when you're part of the music leadership like this Mama, you can't just show up in a pair of shorts and a tee. Well, I mean, I COULD (because our church is awesome like that) but I'd probably feel bad about it later on.

So that presents the problem of how to dress up for church and be looking good without roasting. Solution: simple shift dress to the rescue!

What Mama Wears

Hey Blogees.

So - this is not totally new - What Mama Wears used to show up occasionally on my other blog Talk And Tea Leaves... but I've decided that it needs a home of it's own.

For those that know me, you know that I LURVE looking on Pinterest for outfit ideas, endlessly "window shopping" online and just basically dreaming of a walk-in closet that's the size of my second floor.

However, that's not likely to happen... like... ever. And my clothing budget is basically around 0.00 each month... and I usually shop at seriously high-end stores... like Walmart. And Value Village. And sometimes I get super fed up with the options that are out there and I sew something up myself.

Also - I'm plus-sized. Yup. It's not necessarily the size I thought I would be, and it may not be the size I continue to be - but it's my body and if I want to leave the house and not be arrested, I have to wear clothes on it. However, being plus-sized often means that I'm apparently required to pay WAY more money for the same clothes that come in "standard" sizes...  which I'd be totally cool with if a size 2 and a size 8 cost different amounts (I mean, hey, obviously one uses less fabric) but they don't. So I don't see why a size 16 costs a different amount than a size 8 - ya hear me?  This blog is NOT however about body bashing in any way shape or form. People who comment and body bash will totally not be tolerated and I will mentally send a herd of angry goats to come and eat your clothes. Or wish you step on a Lego. Either or, really.

And unlike the previous What Mama Wears instalments - this blog is going to be about honesty. I can't promise I'll take pictures every single day, but I will try. EVEN on days when I'm wearing a ponytail, yoga pants and a crummy t-shirt. Because sometimes THAT is actually What Mama Wears. It's about ownership. This is my life, this is my body, I am the Mama, and this is what I wear.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

Peace, Love, and BIG closets,