Sunday, 27 July 2014

What Mama Wears

Hey Blogees.

So - this is not totally new - What Mama Wears used to show up occasionally on my other blog Talk And Tea Leaves... but I've decided that it needs a home of it's own.

For those that know me, you know that I LURVE looking on Pinterest for outfit ideas, endlessly "window shopping" online and just basically dreaming of a walk-in closet that's the size of my second floor.

However, that's not likely to happen... like... ever. And my clothing budget is basically around 0.00 each month... and I usually shop at seriously high-end stores... like Walmart. And Value Village. And sometimes I get super fed up with the options that are out there and I sew something up myself.

Also - I'm plus-sized. Yup. It's not necessarily the size I thought I would be, and it may not be the size I continue to be - but it's my body and if I want to leave the house and not be arrested, I have to wear clothes on it. However, being plus-sized often means that I'm apparently required to pay WAY more money for the same clothes that come in "standard" sizes...  which I'd be totally cool with if a size 2 and a size 8 cost different amounts (I mean, hey, obviously one uses less fabric) but they don't. So I don't see why a size 16 costs a different amount than a size 8 - ya hear me?  This blog is NOT however about body bashing in any way shape or form. People who comment and body bash will totally not be tolerated and I will mentally send a herd of angry goats to come and eat your clothes. Or wish you step on a Lego. Either or, really.

And unlike the previous What Mama Wears instalments - this blog is going to be about honesty. I can't promise I'll take pictures every single day, but I will try. EVEN on days when I'm wearing a ponytail, yoga pants and a crummy t-shirt. Because sometimes THAT is actually What Mama Wears. It's about ownership. This is my life, this is my body, I am the Mama, and this is what I wear.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

Peace, Love, and BIG closets,

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