Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer Sunday

Going to church in the summer can be awesome - you see people that you probably haven't seen in a few weeks, everyone is happy because it's summer, and the kids Sunday School consists mostly of games so they can hardly wait to get there.

It can also be absolutely ridiculously hot. And when you're part of the music leadership like this Mama, you can't just show up in a pair of shorts and a tee. Well, I mean, I COULD (because our church is awesome like that) but I'd probably feel bad about it later on.

So that presents the problem of how to dress up for church and be looking good without roasting. Solution: simple shift dress to the rescue!

Word. Seriously - this dress is super easy to wear. Picked it up for a song in the states last year at DressBarn (Canadian ladies - do you KNOW about DressBarn?!? Because you SHOULD. For reals). The wedges were a sale pickup at good ol' Walmart for a whopping $9.00 because I needed some "adult" shoes to wear, y'know what I mean.... simple, not giant heels, no wacky colours, etc etc etc.... all the things that usually attract me to footwear. Light makeup, wicked eyelashes (courtesy of my Younique 3d Fibre lashes mascara - LOVE IT!) and earrings. Light, airy, ready to go and suitable for standing up front of the church to lead music. Voila!

Now - because this blog is about for-real-ness ... here's what Mama wore for the REST of the day.

Heck-ya leggings in a long, loose, breezy tee! Honesty time - this is what I basically live in when I know I'm generally not going out in public much. I love this tee from Giant Tiger (aka GTBoutique, lols) but if I'm wearing it out of the house I usually throw a tank on underneath. If you're more daring you could wear a super cute bra and let it show at the back... these super comfy grey leggings make me feel like I'm wearing pjs.... but without it actually being pjs.
What can I say? It's What Mama Wears!


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