Thursday, 31 July 2014

Market Day

One of the things I love about living in a small town (or at least, living in a fairly large, amalgamated town that still behaves and thinks it's a small town) is being able to do things like walk from our house up to the Farm Market at the Old Fire Hall in downtown. My sister and her baby joined us for a walk and some market shopping, scooping up fantastic deals like enormous radishes, 2 giant green peppers and a cucumber for only $5.00. The boys bought something from their fave vendor "the lady who sells the big pretzels" and we even walked up to the library square afterwards and had a lunch of homemade perogies and meat patties. Delish!

Considering that the route up the market and back is about 4 km I needed to wear something comfy, cool and easy to walk in. I love the ever so slight wackiness that these print pants offer, and a chambray shirt is an easy accompaniment. Throw on some sneakers that I zentangled in my free-time and this outfit was perfect for market day.

Do you shop the Farm Markets in your hometown? What's your favourite part of living in a small town (if you do) or going to a Farm Market?

Talk soon!

Chambray Shirt: Target on clearance: same / similar
Pants: Old Navy: similar / similar / similar
Shoes: Steps: similar / similar


  1. You could totally see those shoes!

    1. Why Colleen! Whatever do you mean!? Lol.