Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's Yoga Life

One of the few things that I find relaxing in my Mom life is yoga. I'm not particularly awesome at it, and I don't go to a studio to take classes because, hello - that would mean that I'd have to actually leave my house, have someone watch the monsters, pay to take a class, blah blah blah - and let's be honest - that ain't gonna happen.

I do however know a few poses, own a yoga mat and have space in my house to lay it out. So I do yoga fairly regularly, mostly because it's calming and it makes me feel good. But what does a plus-size Mama of 2 wear to do yoga. Well I'll tell you - I wear yoga pants and a tight tank top. It's not the most attractive outfit I've ever put on - but it IS conducive to doing yoga. Now I know, I know - you're like - duh, Tea - what the hell ELSE would you wear? When I'm in my own house I could do yoga in my underwear for all YOU know, but when we're up north I like to get up, make a big cuppa and go and do yoga on the dock in the morning. Outside. Where everyone else who's out sitting on their dock can see me. Yup. Out in the open. And I still wear the tight clothes. And you know what - I don't care what anyone thinks. Because I'm stretching, breathing, soaking in the sounds of the water, the birds, feeling the sun on my face and back. And it feels good.

And this weekend my younger sister, a new Mama, joined me. Our first morning flow was wonderful. Our second morning flow was slightly less relaxing - due to dogs, kids, and some dummy teenager next door playing Trance super loud at 9am. C'est la vie. The stretching still felt good.


Because everyone needs a yoga mat covered in water from a shaking dog who keeps walking in amongst your poses while a 4 year old screams because he's getting wet (even though he's wearing a bathing suit and lifejacket) ahh... relaxing.

Pants: Costco
Top: Walmart
Dock: Muskoka


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