Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mud Run Fun Fashion

Today's post is going to be a bit different.

For the 2nd year in a row now I've pulled up my big-girl panties and gone and done Mud Hero: a 6k mud obstacle course fun-run. It is seriously the hardest thing I do all year (and no, it's not nearly as hard as Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash or a myriad of other mud-runs.... it's kind of like those runs goofy little brother... but hey) and I'm usually really sore and really proud of myself the next day. I'm not the most fit person around, but I manage to complete the run and do all the obstacles, so I love it. And I'm so doing it again next year.

This year, the hubs decided to join me, and our team "Muddy Mayhem" was made up of myself, the hubs, my folks, and my friend (who is way tougher than me and has done Tough Mudder approximately 18000% more times than I ever will) and I decided to share some "mud run fashion" with you.

For mud-runs, the normal fashion rules do not apply. You need to wear clothes that are fairly tight, made of wicking material, and add some wacky costume accessories to make you stand out to the photographers around the course. So here's what we wore!
My folks - possibly the coolest parents ever. 

My tough mud-run friend - this hero is ready for mud-battle!

Here you can see us rocking the neon yellow knee highs and yellow bandanas we chose for our team this year. Also - fluorescent shoelaces. Obviously.

 Team Muddy Mayhem 2014!

Me and the Hubs - oh the things this man does for love. 

So here you can see: Old, but still comfortable running shoes (which I donated at the end of the race), yellow knee highs, running shorts, bathing suit bottoms (not pictured, worn under shorts, because they hold on to less mud than regular gitch), wicking running top - in hot pink, obviously, yellow bandana armband, green and orange hair pieces.

slightly better view of orange/green hair - oh yeah, and I had a tail. It lasted through exactly 1 obstacle.

And there you have it. Mud run fashion!
And because I know you want to see them - here's a couple of during and post mud-run shots (shot on our go-pro, so they're a little blurry, but still fun!)

Rock on Mud Heroes! Can't wait till next year!

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