Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ice Cream Social

Okay, so I didn't really go to an ice-cream social. I don't think I have the correct type of life to go to things like ice-cream socials (do people still do that? Is it a thing? I think it should be a thing). Which is unfortunate - not really because I particularly like ice-cream (because I kind of don't) - but because it would give me a more honest reason to wear cute outfits.

In this case, however, we went into town (Dorset, Ontario - woot!) on Saturday afternoon to do a little shopping (Mama bought herself a new pair of moccasins - watch for those babies in a future post) and get some ice cream at Northern D'Lites.

I love these bright red shorts that I got from Walmart and I picked up this fun teal top in the states on our way home from Calgary and I think that red and teal is a kind of unexpected but super fun and wearable colour combo. Add my trusty flip-flops (which sadly broke the very next day and were unceremoniously chucked) and it was the perfect, comfy outfit for shopping and cool treats!

Standing near some amazing boats.... that are obviously not mine.

Love this colour combo!

Prime example of what being the Mama REALLY looks like. Yes. That's a Nightwing comic in my purse. Obviously that's where one carries their children's recent comic purchases while chowing down on some Kawartha Dairy Chocolate Peanut-butter ice cream.

Hope you had a fabulous Civic Holiday weekend - anyone go to an ice-cream social?


Shorts - Walmart: similar
Top - Walmart US (faded glory brand): similar / similar / similar
Flip-flops - OLD - and now busted. :(

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