Monday, 20 October 2014

Graphic Sweatshirt

Starting off with a casual look this week!

This week I'll be linking up with Andi from Just Another Smith several times because it's graphic-tee week!

It's weird that I'm a little excited about this, because as a general rule, I hate having stuff written across my chest. Often I find my body shape does strange things to any kind of graphic on a shirt, and I generally end up feeling pretty "meh" about any shirt that has a graphic or words of any kind.

I do, however, love sporting some small-business, Canadian made, Bear Wear!

Muskoka Bearwear is a company from up north in Muskoka, near where my family's cottage is - the hubs and I have made a point of visiting the Bearwear store in Huntsville at least once or twice a summer while we're up and we try to pick up at least 1 or 2 items. They're all extremely well made, quality clothes that last ages.

I wore this sweater with a bright puffer vest, my black skinny jeans and some sneakers for a social event with our church family. We went for a great walk/hike at one of the local conservation areas, had a fun time out in some nice fall weather and saw a tonne of birds!

This is my first take on the graphic shirt, it's pretty mild, I know - but I'm going to try some a little more out of my comfort range in the next few days.

Puffer Vest - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Sweatshirt - Muskoka BearWear: similar / similar / similar
Jeggings - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Sneakers - Costco: similar / similar / similar



  1. Girl, I hear you on body shape causing strangeness. There have been several graphic tees over the years that I loved, but the pictures or words fell awkwardly in regards to the boobs, so I had to leave it. One big problem is that I went to college at Nebraska. Well, if you have any kind of jacket on, the "ne" and "ka" go away, and you unwittingly have "BRAS" plastered across your chest. So classy. It was especially awesome when I was in high school and didn't notice it until some boys pointed it out. So I'm always very careful about that! LOL.

    1. Andi, I literally just laughed out loud at your comment! Oh goodness - like we'd need to draw attention with the word "BRAS" across the chest. LOL.
      I'll be wearing a true "Graphic" tee, even with a word on it tomorrow! But I'm pretty sure about the placement of the text. We'll have to see. Looking forward to the rest of this week. :)