Thursday, 23 October 2014


I've finally worked myself up to wearing a graphic tee with a skirt. I just couldn't go all the way to fancy skirt with graphic tee though - so in my sewing this week I decided to use up some of this super-soft grey sweat-shirt knit material. I thought about doing a classic pencil skirt shape but when with a slight a-line, paper-bag waist, mild hi/low hem instead. Wow - that was a complicated description for a comfy grey skirt.

I actually quite like this outfit. It's very comfortable, but looks the teensiest bit dressy. This bright pink shirt is something that the hubs brought back for me after one of his business trips down to Vegas (yeah, I know, right?! I wish!) and it's definitely not a colour I pick often for my own wardrobe, but it's kind of funky and I like the font (it actually says Las Vegas, Nevada, in case you're wondering).

I put on some navy blue flats and a navy belt with the skirt, some black leggings (because tights and I don't really get along very well, and I actually spend most of the winter with leggings on and socks underneath my boots.

A bit of light jewellery and a low side pony-tail and I call this outfit a winner!

What do you think? Would you wear a graphic tee with a skirt?

T-shirt - gifted: similar / similar / similar
Skirt - homemade: similar / similar
Leggings - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar
Flats - Old Navy: similar / similar / similar
Belt - Giant Tiger
Bracelet & Ring - Charlotte Russe
Earrings - Passed down from Hubs' Grandma

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Also linking up with Ada because this outfit has some pink - and October is Breast Cancer Awareness time!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to BBCA. The skirt you made is super cute.