Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Black out

Generally I would say that I gravitate towards colour. I love bright, poppy colours and it makes me kind of sad when all the stores go to black and grey for the fall/winter season. That's why it's a bit strange that I love this outfit so much. I wore this for a typical day in Mom-life.  I walked the kids to and from school, went over to the church to practice music, fold some things for our church secretary, I bought groceries and went to band practice. Busy, typical, mom-day.

These shoes are one of my silly/proud items - I bought them plain white for about $3 from Giant Tiger and zentangled them with a sharpie. They're totally unique and I just love them. They're also ridiculously comfortable for $3 flat sneakers. My current wear all the time jeans, a black tank and a black swingy cardigan. As my Littl'un would say: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

I promise I'm not going to wear these jeans constantly throughout the winter... but I'm definitely going to have to hit up the thrift stores to see if I can add another pair of jeans to my winter wardrobe.

Jeans - Thrifted, Old Navy: similar / similar / similar
Shoes - Handmade: similar / similar / similar
Tank - Walmart: similar / similar
Cardigan - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar
Earrings - Old.


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  1. You did that with a sharpie?! I am impressed! And there is nothing wrong with a good pair of jeans! Thanks for linking up today!