Monday, 20 April 2015

Blue Hair, Don't Care

On Friday I had an appointment with my stylist to do something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. I had about half of my hair dyed blue!

I absolutely love it. The top half of my head is still a nice dark brown (save for one small blue streak in my bang) so if I wear my hair down it looks nice and sedate and mostly "adult" with a bit of blue peeking through here and there. But if I braid it, twist it or wear it in a ponytail it's like HELLO BLUE HAIR! And it just rocks my socks.

On Sunday for church I wore my "red hat lady" outfit - which is what I think of anytime I wear purple and red together. I totally enjoy that colour combination though because they're such bright rich colours and it's just plain fun!

My top ten remix items were in full force accessory style since I wore my red flats, my double stud earrings and my hearts necklace.

Add in a little blue- hair and I'm good to go!

Have you ever died our hair a unique colour? What's your favourite?
Cardigan - Walmart: similar / similar
Dress - Walmart: similar / similar
Shoes -Ardene
Necklace - Banana Republic Factory Store
Earrings - Ardene
Bangle - Thrifted

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  1. I love the blue hair! The dress and sweater are so fun!

    1. Thanks Megan! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the blue! Well, done, and giving me ideas too. : > thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks Patti! If you're ever thinking of a chunk (or more) of coloured hair I say go for it! It's so fun. This is the most "me" hair I've had in ages!

  3. What a lovely colored and patterned dress Tea, these are the kind of dresses I wish I could find more of. Love the hair too.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

    1. It's so nice and light (and it even has pockets) I got it at Walmart last season - it's been on heavy spring/summer rotation ever since!

  4. I love the blue hair!! I have been thinking about coloring my hair blue for a while, but don't know if I will ever step out and take the plunge. So thanks for being brave for us both lol. I also think it looks cute with your outfit. Red and blue is one of my favorite color combos!!! ... Thanks for linking up with Mahogany Closet Mondays. PS I followed you on Bloglovin. :-)


    1. Melissa - I say go for it! I'm already planning out what colour I'm going to do next! And thanks for following along on Bloglovin as well!