Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mama Skin Care - Guest Post

Today is a guest post from my friend Andrea. She is a representative for Younique (which is AH-mazing, more on that later) and has a great take on Mama skin care. Admittedly, she makes me feel like my current skincare routine... well, sucks. I've got to get myself together and start taking care of my skin like Andrea does - because her skin looks great!
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I am a busy mom of three amazing kids. That keep me hoping with sleepovers, school work, crafts and so on and so on  - really that list just does not stop - and some times it's really really hard to remember that I need to take care of me. So I walk around with roots and those pesky gray hairs longer than I should. I am always the last to get new shoes in the family, and regular pedicures are a distant memory.
The one thing I do for me everyday is wash my face. Now I am sure you are thinking, 

"Whoa Andrea! That's not a big deal: splash some water a little soap and you should be good to go." 

But it's way more that that to me. I feel that taking great care of your skin is one of the best things you can do for you. Your skin is your largest organ. So I take great pride in my skincare routine. I use my favourite products that are a little costly, but this is my splurge and just for me. I lock myself in the bathroom, and spend 10 minutes of me. Removing  make up, Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and getting rid of all those fine lines.  A little me time. That is something I think we all deserve.  

And when they do break into the bathroom we all have a little fun!

What Andrea's Nightly Skin Care Routine Here!

Shop Younique from Andrea here:
Think you've heard Tea mention Younique before? You're right! This is where those AH-MAZING lashes come from!


Thanks Andrea for sharing with us! I totally recommend that you check out Andrea's Younique Page and her Youtube videos. I'm in awe of a mom who works from home, takes care of 3 kids and still manages to put on such beautiful makeup everyday! And those lashes - they're no joke ladies. For real.


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