Friday, 24 October 2014

Fab-Friday :: Linsee

Welcome to our second Fab-Friday! Today I'm so excited to introduce you to Linsee.

Introducing Linsee!
Linsee is a busy mom of two beautiful girls and she lives in Kamloops, British Columbia. I've known Linsee for many years and I am loving her laid back, comfortable, cool style.

What Mama Wears: In as few words as possible, how would you describe your personal style?
Linsee: Hip Casual Comfort

WMW: What are 3 items in your closet you could not do without?
L: Tank tops, Jeans and my birks

WMW: What is your go-to everyday item?
L: Anything comfortable! Tank tops and a sweater is my usual go to right now.

WMW: How do you feel about trends: do you readily adopt them or let them slide by?
L: I don't always readily adopt trends, it really depends on what it is though. I'm usually slower on the uptake and adopt a trend as it's on its way out, or let it slide by.

WMW: What’s your favourite place to shop?
L: Kamloops doesn't have a huge selection of stores; So I don't really have a go to shopping place. Value Village and other thrift stores are good when there is time to browse- the same goes for Winners. H&M is great whenever I go to Vancouver and as a bonus their kids clothes are absolutely amazing!

WMW: Who is a style icon for you?
L: There are a lot of mama's that I follow on Instagram that have some wonderful style. I'm not sure if I have an Icon though- I've always tried to do my own thing!

WMW: What advice do you have for other ladies to show the world their beauty?
L: Don't try so hard! The most important people to impress are yourself and your husband/significant other. Our society is far too judgemental on everything you do in motherhood, we should be supporting one another instead of putting each other down! Create your own style and embrace yourself for you!

Outfit Details:

Photo 1
Plaid shirt:  Roots- Value Village score: similar
Tank top/dress- h&m: similar / similar
Legging- walmart: similar / similar
shoes- Birkenstock: similar / similar

Photo 2
Tank top- Hello Apparel : similar / similar
Jeans- Levis legging jeans: similar / similar
Shoes- Birkenstock

Photo 3
Shirt- To Write love on her arms : similar / similar
Pants- Levis legging jeans
shoes- Blundstone boots: same / similar
Wool socks essential! : similar / similar

Photo 4/5
Sweater- Bluenotes (a Cowichan knockoff...if ONLY i could afford a real one!) : similar / similar
jeans- Levis Legging jeans
Shoes- Blundstone boots

These are my go to outfits.  They may or may not be stylish- but I always get compliments and they make me feel great and comfy!!!  The Jeans are to DIE for... Well worth putting out a bit of money for a good pair of jeans!  

Thanks so much Linsee for being one of our Fab-Friday ladies! If you would like to take part in WMW Fab Friday - please let me know!


PS - Still linking up with Andi from Just Another Smith for Graphic Tee Week! And since Linsee is rocking a graphic tee AND a tank in her outfits, I'm linking up! Go on over to Andi's blog and check it out.

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