Thursday, 30 October 2014

Black and Brown

You know how you have these set ideas in your head about what does or does not "go" together. For some reason I had always thought black OR brown, but never both. Even now, there are times when I look at an outfit and think if only I had these shoes in black/brown rather than whatever they currently are, because it would "go" better.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for monochromatic accessories... but when I received this top from my friend and it had black AND brown in the print, I though - to heck with it! I'm wearing brown boots and a black belt and no one can stop me! Mwah ha ha ha....

Okay, maybe there was no evil laughter. But I do really like how this outfit turned out. Black belt and brown boots not withstanding.

Top - Hand-me-Down: similar / similar / similar
Jacket - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar

Jeggings - Giant Tiger: similar / similar / similar
Boots - Famous Footwear: similar / similar / similar
Belt - Ricki's


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