Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallowe'en Edition

Believe it or not - this is actually me- I was a ghost for this haunt...

So friends, what does a Mama wear on Hallowe'en? Well - a costume of course! This year's costume is not quite camera ready, so I thought I'd share some pics of what I've worn for Hallowe'en over the past few years.

Hallowe'en is a BIG DEAL in our house. My Dad (aka HeyOlMan) and I have done a yard haunt every year for about 16 years now. Ever since I was a teenager, we keep making more gravestones, cemetary fences, signs, picking up new props, fog machines, strobe lights and animatronics. Like I've said to the Hubs - what other holiday can I stand out on my front lawn and scare the neighbourhood children - they frown on that at Christmastime you know....

So these have been some highlights from Hallowe'ens past... hoping you have a very Happy (and spooky) Hallowe'en - be safe!


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