Friday, 10 October 2014

Fab-Friday! :: Laurel

I'm so excited to start this new feature here on What Mama Wears! Twice a month (every other Friday) I will be featuring a real-life, fabulous femme! I'll be calling it Fab-Friday, and if you're interested in participating - please let me know.

These ladies are either Moms, Step-moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Teachers, Professors, or basically anyone who deals with children (small, grown or otherwise) on a regular basis. They're all shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful - obviously.

I love how these wonderful ladies have chosen outfits that make them feel beautiful and let their gorgeousness shine through.


Introducing Laurel!
Laurel is a professor who deals with "grown up" kids day in and day out. She has a beautiful, classic style that I'm excited to share with you today, and to let you get to know her a bit better.

What Mama Wears: In as few words as possible, how would you describe your personal style?
Laurel: Classic with a modern twist (although I also adore 'cozy' clothing as well)

WMW: What are 3 items in your closet you could not do without?
L: black cardigan,  properly fitted jeans,  black skirt

WMW: What is your go-to everyday item?
L: This depends on whether I am teaching or at home.  If teaching, my trusty black kitten heels - if at home, my long cozy cardigan sweater.

WMW: How do you feel about trends: do you readily adopt them or let them slide by?
L: It depends on the trend.  Usually if its a trend I already like I'll wear it. For example plaid - I LOVE plaid...I think it has to do with my Scottish roots - so now that its a 'trend' I probably wear it more, but not because its a trend, because I like it.  In contrast, I'm not a fan of neon so you won't catch me wearing neon colours even though that is super trendy.

WMW: What’s your favourite place to shop?
L: In Canada, probably Tristan (if they have a good sale on), Le Chateau or Zara.  I do a lot of my shopping in the USA, though, and there I gravitate towards Ann Taylor and Banana Republic (outlets).

WMW: Who is a style icon for you?
L: This may seem 'trendy', but I'd say my style icon is the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)  I love her modern take on classic pieces of clothing like dress coats, blazers and formal wear.

WMW: What advice do you have for other ladies to show the world their beauty?
L: I've struggled for a long time trying to 'love how I look', but I'd say find clothes you adore and wear them even if they are not exactly "on trend". If I feel good in something, I have more confidence and things just look brighter:)

Details of my outfit:
shoes - Roberto Vianni black kitten/low heels with ruffle (p.s. the kitten heel is coming back in style - yay!). I got these 5 years ago at a shop that closed. They were a splurge but totally worth it as they have travelled with me around the world to conferences and events and I can wear them day in and day out without having sore or blistered feet.
similar / similar / similar

skirt - McKay clan tartan which was my mom's - LOVE!
similar / similar / similar

tshirt - from Ann Taylor outlet in the USA
similar / similar / similar

black cardigan - from Target
similar / similar / similar

nylons - yep, I wear them - they save my feet from blistering and, oddly enough, give me confidence.
Jewellery - silver Celtic knot earrings

Also, it was a rainy day today so I ended up wearing a raincoat. While it doesn't match my skirt, I LOVE this coat - its from Hatley and I got it on sale for $35 (marked down from $175). Its great to perk you up on a rainy grey day.

Thanks Laurel for being our first ever Fab-Friday!

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