Monday, 25 May 2015

Sisters Breakfast Date

Another whirlwind cake weekend down in the books - but thankfully this time the hubs took our boys up to the cottage for the weekend, so I had the kitchen (the house!) to myself without interruption.

On Saturday morning I joined my sisters for a nice breakfast date and since I was feeling pretty grimy (you wouldn't believe what all that butter and sugar in the air will do to ya!) I decided to dress up just a little.

It was still a bit chilly on Saturday morning, so no bare arms for this gal, but a graphic tee, with a print scarf and a crocheted cardi were a nice mix of colour, print and texture. I put on my black jeans and pink crocheted flats to round out the outfit in a simpler way.

My hair was gross (and had to be up since I was still baking that day anyways) so a messy top-knot pulled it up out of the way and still looked presentable to be out in public, ha ha!

After a super-yummy perogie breakfast (seriously - if you live in Durham Region, you've got to try the perogie breakfast at T&D's at Rossland & Garden - DELISH!) I was rested, and ready to take on the rest of my baking and cake decorating. A lovely little mid-morning escape!
 *Outfit Details
Flats - Ardene: similar / similar / similar
Jeans - Target: similar / similar / similar
Tee - Target: similar / similar / similar
Cardigan - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar
Scarf - Gift: similar / similar / similar
Earrings - Handmade by Me

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  1. Cute outfit Tea, I love the tee and added scarf, cardi and colorful loafers. Looking cute!

    Garay Treasures