Friday, 16 January 2015

Frankly, my deer...

Everyone has a few items in their closets that aren't necessarily fashionable, don't quite fit perfectly, but are so comfortable and so full of memory that it just feels good to break it out and wear it occasionally. That's how I feel about this deer cardigan.

This is one of those many items that I "borrowed" as a teen from my parents' closets and never quite managed to return.

I love the nordic/fair isle feel of the pattern in the knit. The wool is old, soft and practically felted in spots now from years of use, and while it certainly belted round the middle with ease when I was a teenager - 17 odd years and 2 kids later it functions much nicer as an open cardigan than a closed one.

A simple white tee, bright blue jeans and a handmade necklace made this the perfect outfit for both hanging around and tidying my house as well as going out for dessert for my hubby's birthday.

It's comfy, I feel good in it - and whether it's fashionable or not? Well, frankly my deer - I don't give a... ;)


Sweater - handed down: similar / similar / similar
Jeans - Additionelle: similar / similar
Boots - Payless: similar / similar
Tee - Walmart
Necklace - Handmade

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  1. Cute fun cozy sweater! I love a comfy look.
    Dawn Lucy