Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Darts & Laurels

2014 is over, and 2015 has begun, and I thought it would be a great time to take a look at the last 6 months and share some of What Mama Wears' Darts & Laurels.

You probably thought this when you saw these the first time... maybe you're too nice, I don't know, but I'll share what I thought were some of the best, and worst of 2014.

Now admittedly, everyone has some winning outfits and some losing outfits and there are things I love and hate about everything I wear, but some had more darts than others - so onwards!

Laurel - one of the first outfits that I really felt "blogger"ish in. The cobalt, floral, leopard and blazer combination that I really loved.

Dart - while I have worn this grey sweat-skirt several times since then I have not worn it with leggings, nor a graphic tee, let alone tucked in with a useless skinny belt. Not happening again.

Laurel - My Turkey Pants! I do love these pants, unfortunately they are in need of some serious repair at the moment, so they're not being worn. The combination of the silky fabric and the flowy blouse and flats was comfortable and classy at the same time.
Dart - Oh, I loved this outfit when I wore it, but looking back at these pictures just makes me wince. The funny thing is that a lot of people actually liked this outfit! I love these obnoxiously purple tights, but the combination of light denim skirt, black top, cropped jacket, and tights, and boots that need some serious replacing - major Dart.

Laurel -  Oddly enough this was an outfit that I was unsure about this outfit when I first put it together - the whole black and brown combination I was really unsure about, but I love how it turned out.

Dart -  So, how can an outfit that includes so many of my favourite things go SO. VERY. WRONG. I love this red vest, looks horrible. Love this striped sweater, boring in this outfit. Jeans - blah. Boots - ugh.

Laurel -  Flowy top, skinny pants, bright flats, win win win.

Dart - Oh gracious - here's this vest again. Wrinkled shirt, shooting an outfit with no shoes. No, Tea, No!
Laurel - I love this festive winner of an outfit. It's so comfy, and wearable and it looks chic at the same time.

Dart -  Unfortunately, this blouse is just not at its best in this outfit. The dotty blouse is super cute in person, but these pants are just a little bit too short - there's those boots begging to be replaced and the combo of all those things is a loss of an outfit.
Laurel - Mom Date winner! Simple chic black peplum top, nude wedge heels and skinny jeans. Classy and lovely.

Dart -  How can my fave winter outfit recipe go so wrong?! Tunic sweater, leggings, boots - should be a winner! Just not loving this combo in this one!

Hoping for more Laurels than Darts in 2015!

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