Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Canadian Comfort Wear

While this is not the type of outfit I usually share with you on the blog I was inspired because last weekend the hubs and I went away for some great outdoor fun in beautiful Huntsville, ON. More pics from our trip in an upcoming post - but one of my favourite stores EVER is up in Muskoka and it's called Muskoka Bearwear.

We stopped by their Huntsville store on the weekend and for the first time (probably ever) I didn't actually get anything - but the lucky thing (for me - and for you!) is that they have an online store!

On our seriously chilly mornings when I'm walking our boys to school and I have to wear many many layers - sometimes you just want comfort over beauty. But thanks to MBW I don't have to totally sacrifice good looks.

Some days I really feel the need to wear sweatpants and these MBW sweats are my hands down favourite. They're a great length, they're soft, comfy and wash like a dream. My bright green MBW zip-up jacket over a simple black tee and a scarf for part of the day until the heat takes the chill off the house. I actually own several (about 4) Muskoka Bearwear sweaters/zip-ups and at least 2 pairs of their pants. I'll be sharing my current MBW wishlist at the end of this post.

I'm warm, I'm comfy and I don't actually look like I'm wearing pjs - even though they're just as comfortable!

Sweatpants - Muskoka Bearwear
T-shirt - Walmart
Zip-up - Muskoka Bearwear
Sneakers - Fila

Mama Tea's current MBW wishlist! All 100% Canadian made!

** Edited to Add: I was NOT compensated by Muskoka BearWear in any way, shape or form for this post. I actually truly love their products, have purchased everything I own from them with my own funds and believe that a small business selling 100% Canadian made products is awesome and should be supported. That will be all. ~Tea**

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