Friday, 5 September 2014

Maxi dress 2 ways

What on earth is going on with this weather?!
I mean, honestly, it's supposed to be like 40 degrees (with the humidity) tomorrow. Where was this weather in July when we could all just laze around and enjoy it. It's gross when I have to get kids up and dressed and lunches made and to school on time when you walk outside and the sweat just basically beads up on your skin. Ugh.

Anywho - weather like this (in July or in September) requires dressing so that air can flow around my body as much as possible. I picked up this awesome dress in the states at Walmart, it's from one of my favourite US Walmart "brands" Faded Glory and it was cool and breezy enough to wear all day, but when I went over to our church that evening for our band practise I threw on a t-shirt for a little extra coverage and it makes this cute dress look like a super-fun bandana print skirt!

Consider dressing your maxi dresses with a solid t-shirt over top and get double duty out of your wardrobe!

For the bulk of the day I wore this dress like so:

And the in the evening I wore it like this!

Maxi dress: similar / similar / similar
T-shirt: similar / similar / similar
Flip-flops: Old Navy


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