Thursday, 4 September 2014

Considering fall trends

I've been thinking a lot about fall.

Now, don't get me wrong - I get as irritated as the rest of you every time somebody pins a pumpkin-frickin-spice-latte on pinterest, or something about "can't wait for cable sweaters and coloured leaves" and blah blah blah... yeah, everybody loves those things about fall. But here in Canada, and specifically in Ontario, those aspects of fall (the coloured leaves, the bright sunny but still nicely cool/crisp days) last like a couple of weeks, 3 tops. The rest of "fall" is either late summer weather where people have put away their shorts and tee-shirts and then suddenly we have like 4 days of 25+ weather and by day 3 everyone is finally unpacking some of their summer stuff only for it to go back down to 10 two days later. And rain. That's pretty much fall in Ontario.

HOWEVER - I am kind of excited about fall fashion. The nice thing about fall in Ontario is that even after all the leaves have fallen off the trees and it has stopped raining and is cool, bordering on cold and mostly the sky is grey-ish, because clearly winter is coming it's still "warm" enough (warm being a relative word in Canada) to wear our outfits with a few layers, but without the winter necessity of scarf, toque, boots, mitts and down-filled coat. It's a nice in-between season.

And speaking of fall fashion - there's quite a few trends out there that are hitting the flyers and websites... but not all of them are mom friendly, or plus-sized friend, or (IMHO) real-life friendly. So I've picked out a few that I think are classic enough to be worth spending a little cash on, but trendy enough to not make you look like you haven't updated your wardrobe for like 10 years. Cool? Cool!

Mama's Picks for Fall Fashion 2014!

First up: Plaid
Plaid is big every fall, but this year I'm seeing a lot of plaid in slightly unexpected places. It's not all plaid flannel shirts this year ladies. Now, admittedly, this Mama has had a love-affair with plaid for a looooong time. But, come on - I was a teenager in the 90s, hello! Plaid is a staple to all of us 90s kids. Even though back then it was shirts I *borrowed* from my Dad's closet.

I'm loving these items from a few of my fave stores:

Plaid pants and a plaid pencil skirt are two Reitman's items I'm loving for this fall. I used to have a pair of plaid pants when I was a teenager, though they were much tighter than these. For a plus sized gal like myself I love the very subtle plaid of these pants. And the plaid pencil skirt, while a little bit bolder is more mature because of the length and cut. Both totally mom friendly, but totally plaid-lovely.

Plaid pants

Plaid pencil skirt 

Ricki's comes through for me with plaid in my fave colourway - RED! This is classic plaid for me. Both this dress and this skirt are cut nicely, should accentuate some curves, but be long enough to still be classy. No school-girl skirts here, just plaid dressed up a bit.
Plaid dress

Plaid pencil skirt

Target gives me plaid in the most unexpected place - a blazer. I like that this blazer has a green/blue plaid that's not screaming "This is the jacket your grandma wears to church on Rabbie Burns day" but rather, hey I like plaid, and I want to wear blazers occasionally - so deal. amiright?

Plaid blazer

Leather/Pleather accents
So, I don't think I've ever actually owned anything leather, like real leather, and my pics on leather/pleather for fall are probably WAY more pleather than leather, but I like the fun, kind of edgy feel these pieces have. I'm not advocating that you go and buy leather pants or anything, but here's a few items that I wouldn't mind having in my closet this fall.

Back to Reitman's for this jacket that combines two of my current fall loves: military styling and pleather - yippee! I love this dressed down with jeans and a raglan tee for hanging out, sitting campfire side or walking with the kids and playing in the leaves. I think it could be fun for a casual date night out with the hubs too! I may be dreaming about adding this one to the closet, but I'm loving it anyways.

Cargo Leather Jacket

Ricki's has two pairs of legging/pants that are sporting the pleather accents this fall and I LOVE them both. The berry coloured pair is one of my fave fall colours and the funky geometric insert legging is just so darn cool. This might not be a look for everyone - but moms, consider this - pleather wipes down like a frickin dream. I'm just saying.

pleather piped pants

geo insert pleather leggings

Ladies - colour blocking is back this fall, and plus-sized gals - take heart and notice that THIS TIME they haven't gone all "lets stack horizontal blocks of colour on people" but rather they are working it to our advantage.
I am utterly lusting after these figure flattering and figure forming colourblocking shapes. Dresses, pants, shirts, you name it I've seen it. Here are just a few examples of this super worthwhile and flattering trend.

Ricki's has a couple of dresses that are just like "Hi, this dress makes my waist look amazing and uh, the rest of my body too - just FYI" Optical illusions, people. Optical Awesome.

Colourblock crossover dress

Colourblock hourglass dress

Target is combining this sweet colourblocking trend with the pleather trend in this awesome dress.

pleather colourblock dress

And they have this irresistible colourblock peplum shell. I mean, it's like several of my favourite things in one item of clothing.

colourblock peplum

Whew! That is a lot of talking about clothes. If you stuck with me this far - bravo. And these are only 3 of the trends I'm loving. Watch for another post about my other fave thing I'm looking for in stores - the unexpected detail.
Love ya blogees!

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