Monday, 15 September 2014

Outfit of Secrets

I felt super mysterious writing that title out... unfortunately this outfit is not nearly as exciting as that title might make it seem. Right now I am all about unexpected details and being able to wear a piece of clothing in more ways than might have been intended when it was made. At first glance this seems like a basic black dress pant and sweater outfit, however, this sweater has a great gold zipper detail down the back which I love. These pants look like simple wide leg dress pants - however, they are actually yoga pants that I purchased almost ten years ago from Joe Fresh, which have such great stretch and staying power that I actually have worn them countless times, even wearing them through both of my pregnancies. And last, these smoking slipper style flats are actually less slipper-style than they are just... well... slippers. But they have a rubber sole, and they're so so so comfortable that I don't feel badly about wearing them outside.

And so - the mysteries of this outfit of secrets have been revealed. There, that was interesting wasn't it?

Top - gifted: similar / similar / similar
Yoga pants - Joe Fresh: similar / similar
Smoking slippers - Walmart: similar / similar
Bracelet - gifted, handmade


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