Thursday, 20 November 2014


Is there any fabric you associate more with winter, snow, richness, etc than velvet? It's that lush, smooth, soft feel that I just love.

I've worn this jacket several times since I bought it - and I will freely admit that I paid more for it than pretty much any other item in my closet, but it's an investment piece. It's going to be in my closet for as long as I can wear it, and it's one of my favourite colours to boot.

Looking at these pictures, I'll admit that this outfit is definitely not one of my faves - but it's what I wore, so here it is. I don't love the way these pants fit around my belly and this shirt probably wasn't the best choice to wear beneath the blazer, but it is what it is. Love the blazer, hate the outfit - whatev's!


Blazer - Ricki's: similar / similar
Chiffon Blouse - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
T-shirt - Joe Fresh: similar / similar / similar
Pants - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Short Boots - Sears: similar / similar / similar
Necklace & Earrings - homemade

Still linking up with Andi for Blazer Week!

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