Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Leggings for Days

If I have a fall Mom-iform (that's mom uniform for the uninitiated) it's leggings and a tunic. Seriously - it doesn't get much easier than pulling on some good leggings and a nice tunic and just taking the day head on.
The trick to making this look still look put-together and not "laundry day" ish is in a couple of key points.

- Make sure your leggings are made of a nice, thick material. For a couple of reasons: 1) because the reason most people think leggings look "cheap" is because they are - the material is thin, super clingy and often see-through - not awesome and 2) because a thicker material is going to hang nicer on your body; although that seems like a silly thing to say about leggings, there are going to be bumps etc that the material skims over and if it hangs and fills in those spots rather than clinging to every lump and bump it's a much more pleasing visual situation.

- If you're wearing a solid coloured legging - try for a print tunic and vice versa. If you're going with two solids make sure they're either completely complimentary colours or very similar colours. You either want to go for a distinct top and bottom look or a full on jumpsuit look.  Colours that are close but obviously different can look sloppy and distracting. And personally I wouldn't recommend going with a print legging and a print top - maybe some people can pull that off - I'm not one of them.

 - Don't wear it with a shoe that can be confused with a slipper. That is what I find makes leggings and a tunic look most like pajamas. If your shoe has fur lining, or bunny ears - you've been duped - it's not a shoe: it's a slipper. All joking aside - I find that the tunic/legging outfit looks good with a dressy flat, a low heel or a boot - pretty much any style. An ankle boot can be a little more casual, whereas a heeled high boot could be dressier.

 - Whatever you choose to wear - own it! You look great, strut your stuff!

Do you have a momiform, or a daily uniform (for those of you who aren't Moms)? What are your tips for wearing a tunic and leggings? Sound off in the comments below!

Leggings - Ricki's: similar / similar
Tunic - Thrifted: similar / similar
Ankle boots - Thrifted: similar / similar

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  1. Love the purple leggings. I don't own too many tunics, I never thought they looked right on me. Great look!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  2. Loving these tips. I am guilty of not wearing patterned tunics or tops with my leggings, but learning to wear more shirts with longer backs to hide the "bum" cute look Tea!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  3. Awesome outfit!! My Mom-iform is exactly the same as yours, plus a duster or a scarf on days when it's cold enough to get away with it. In fact, right now, I have the largest collection of leggings I have ever owned at one time! Dusters, too.

    I saw your post in the What I Wore linkup. Here's my What I Wore post...

    Have a great day!