Friday, 13 November 2015

A Little Bit Country...

When I put this outfit on I immediately thought of the mid 90s when I was a teenager and (admittedly) wore the heck out of the grunge trend. I mean, ripped jeans, plaid shirts with cuffed sleeves, boots, and so on and so on.

At the time I would have said that this was a totally rock and roll look - I mean, hello - so grunge.

And now I look at this outfit and it looks decidedly, well, country!

Funny how life and perspective changes things!

This shirt is one of those marketed to fit over a busty gal like myself - and you can see by the fact that I am not wearing it done up that that is not the case. If anyone has a lead on button down shirts that will close over a large bust but not hang like a potato sack - let me know!

Plaid shirt - Walmart
Tee - Thrifted
Jeans - Thrifted
Boots - The Bay
Necklace - Made by my boys
Earrings - Handmade by me

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  1. I love that 90's vibe ... plaid and boots! I could wear this every day (well for a week anyway!) ;) So nice to see you back at Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. LOL - I think I wore it every single day for a few years, so it's fun to break out the plaid and boots combo every once in a while now! Thanks for reading and hosting Dawn Lucy!