Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pleather Weather

Remember I told you that I *had* to buy a skirt the other weekend to wear? (I had to, I swear!). Well here it is! I've worn it a couple of times now and I actually seriously love it. Shout-out to my awesome Mom-in-law who chipped in to top up my clothes budget so I could get this beauty and to my sis-in-law who convinced me to buy it!

I wore this to church the other day and then out to brunch with my little fam and my parents (Thanks for payin' Ol'man!) and then to run a couple of errands. But at that point I had switched out the pumps for my leopard print flats - but otherwise, I legitimately wore this outfit to run errands, swear.

Anywho - I loved the pleather look of this skirt, but the fact that it's only on the front is awesome with a capital A. It doesn't stick to anything when you sit down, it's not super-hot (as non-breathable fabrics like pleather sure can be) and looks chic. I put on my classic black peplum top and my little purple cropped blazer for church, but I took a few pictures without the blazer because I think this outfit would work equally well for date night as for Sunday morning.

My purple statement necklace and some earrings I made top it all off.

Blazer - Ricki's (Old): similar / similar / similar
Peplum top - Target: similar  / similar / similar
Skirt - Reitman's: same (On sale!) / similar / similar
Pumps - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Necklace - Kohls
Earrings - Homemade


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