Monday, 17 November 2014

Out of Necessity

Sometimes truly great things come out of necessity - okay, this isn't exactly one of those instances.... however, we went out to my husband's family's place over the weekend to celebrate his Aunt's 60th birthday and when we arrived we realized that our dress clothes were still hanging in our front hall. After a rather frantic shopping trip with my sister in law I managed to pick up a few things to wear to the party, one of which being this blouse - which I am totally and completely in love with. It's got a great bird print, an interesting collar and pleat and a nice soft, draped shape.

I wore it with jeggings and my swingy blazer/cardigan and my OTK boots for church on Sunday morning. It was strangely apropos as I was singing "Sparrow" during the service. Bird themes for the win!

I also picked up a great pleather front pencil skirt for the party - watch for that sometime soon.

Andi from Just Another Smith is hosting Blazer Week! I will be attempting to wear a blazer outfit every day this week - which shouldn't be all too hard, since I have a few in my closet, but I'll be trying to dress them down a little to wear for everyday as opposed to a dressier outfit. Check out Andi's blog and all the other great outfits in the link up!

Blouse - Reitmans: same / similar / similar
Blazer - Thrifted: similar / similar
Jeggings - Walmart (USA): similar / similar
Boots - Charlotte Russe: similar / similar / similar
Earrings - Charlotte Russe: similar / similar



  1. You gotta love a fun bird print! Thanks for linking up! Blazer week was both easy and tricky for me, because I currently own exactly 5 blazers!

    1. It is a great print. It's hard to see in these pics, but the birds are both black and grey and are all made up of a whole bunch of little dots - super cute.
      I only have about 6 or 7 blazers, but they're all different colours - so hopefully I can make them all work this week!