Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Online Shopping

*Disclosure: I will be receiving product from Newchic in return for this wishlist posting as well as a post reviewing the items once I receive them.*

Do you do much shopping online? I order lots of different things online, but usually, clothes aren't one of them. I was recently contacted by Newchic website and asked if I would like to order a few things to try and review. I was definitely interested, but wary because I don't usually buy clothes online - what if they don't fit!? What if the material isn't what I expected?
Also - I usually have major issue navigating the websites for online clothiers.


Newchic's website is fairly easy to navigate and they have TONNES of search options, which I like. I hate looking through lots of pictures and choosing to look at something only to find it's not available in my size. You can narrow your search parameters by size, colour, print, price range, material and pretty much anything else you can think of! They also have a really easy to use wishlist function (which I find is a nice way to save all of the things you *think* you might want to order and then narrow it down according to your budget later on)

Surprisingly - they actually have a fair amount of plus size clothing. My other main issue with most online retailers is they say "We have plus sized clothes!" and by that they mean "We carry up to a US size 12" which is.... not. the. same. You have to take a look at their size chart to figure out what they call the sizes, and knowing your measurements is definitely helpful, but Newchic had quite a few items that fit my measurements.

Newchic Women Plus Size Dresses

Here are a few things that I actually ordered from Newchic. I may order other things later on if these items work out.

This casual top looks really comfortable and I look forward to pairing it with my fave jeans, or leggings.
http://www.newchic.com/tops-3956/p-997735.html?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=56029&utm_campaign=G56A08883ED0B7&utm_content=Casual Top

This scarf has a beautiful print and I'm looking forward to wearing it when it arrives.

And lastly this dress is just so fun. I'm hoping that the ruching and curved detail suits my figure.

What do you think? Have you ordered clothes online? Did you have a good experience or bad? Let me know in the comments below - and let me know your fave online retailers!

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  1. So.....a few years ago my husband Richard took me on a shopping spree for my Birthday. Background information.....I have an unlimited clothing budget due to the fact that I never buy clothes for myself......I HATE shopping for myself !!!! Also, a "no clothes shopping alone" rule has been enforced on me since I cannot choose clothes for myself.....I ALWAYS end up walking out of the store with only jeans and t-shirts. Anyway, so Richard and I went shopping. Being a plus-size girl there really are only a few stores to choose from so we went to a strip mall that had 3 of them. Our game plan was simple....I would walk into the store and proceed directly to the change room. Richard and a sales associate would then choose clothes for me and bring them back to try on. This worked well in the first store but Richard found it a little aggravating at first when I was trying to figure out what size I was and the fact that the size could be different depending on the cut of the item. What really frustrated him was when we applied our game plan to stores 2 and 3 because I was a totally different size in all stores. I will not order clothes on-line for this reason. I understand that stores tend to have measurement scales so that you can determine your size when ordering, but depending how the item fits, you could be in a different size then what the measurement scale tells you. He was also surprised that sizes for men differed from women....for example pants.....mens pants tend to be sized by waist and in-seam measurement, where as womens are numbered and tend not to have an in-seam measurement. Being tall as well as wide, many pants do not fit me in length and you cannot tell that online.

    Saying that, if you are willing to try....ALL THE POWER TO YOU....and I wish you luck !!!! I will admit, I am just too lazy to go through the whole return and try again thing. This would be why I have no clothes....and I have no one to blame but myself.

  2. I LOVE this idea! I think I'll try it with a bleach pen on a colored shirtBuy Clothes Online | Printing On t-Shirts