Monday, 1 February 2016

Breaking my Own Rules

I'm usually pretty strict about my "rules" when it comes to dressing myself.

And I know, I've said it in the past - Leggings are not pants. And when I first put this shirt on I wanted to wear it with black dress pants, but they just didn't work out. So I considered my options and ended up putting on my black leggings.

And I KNOW - I know... leggings are not pants, but I definitely wore them as pants this day. The shirt wasn't quite long enough to cover my rear, however, I thought that the leggings were thick enough to stand in as pants.

The best thing about this shirt is that it's comfortable and looks dressy and I swear I could scrunch it up in a ball and leave it under a mattress for 6 weeks and pull it out and it would still look good.

I'm sure this fabric is some kind of polyester but it just hangs beautifully.

It is one of my favourite thrifting finds.

What do you think? Do these leggings work as pants? Or should I have stuck to my own rules.

Leggings - Ricki's
Top - Thrifted
Boots - Charlotte Russe

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  1. Very cute top and I do love it with your boots! Thanks for linking up,


  2. Sometimes you have to break the rules! The top looks great with the leggings.