Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dress or Tunic

Some time ago I bought this tunic at Old Navy...
I've worn it a few times with leggings (ponte usually - thick) and then decided to wear it with a braided belt and jeggings the other day. I was wearing it and a sweet girl stopped me in a store and said "I have the same dress!"

Dress?! I can't imagine wearing this as a dress! Imagine how short it would be!

Okay, okay - I get it. Some gals could pull that off - but not this mama, that's for sure. It got me to thinking though - how many times have I passed up what could be a great tunic top because I looked at a dress and dismissed it as being too short?

Also - can we take half a second to talk about my hair? I decided to update the colour a bit and went with a nice, bright red that the hubs bought me for Christmas.

It's seriously bold and I'm desperately hoping it stays this way for a while. A good friend of mine told me it looks like my head's on fire - but you know what? I'm okay with that!

Anywho - back to the outfit. Jeggings and ankle boots are touch more casual than the over the knee boots I usually go for. Some nice, simple silver jewellery and fun bouncy curls and this was a great, comfortable outfit for band practice and running errands.

What do you think? Do you wear dresses as tops? Or are you okay with a really short dress? Let me know in the comments!

Tunic/Dress - Old Navy
Jeggings - Walmart
Ankle Boots - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted

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