Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Who wears Plaid Pants?!

I had an almost unnecessary amount of excitement when I found these plaid pixie pants at Old Navy this fall.

I will willingly admit that when I was a teenager I had a pair of thrifted, bootcut, plaid pants that I wore the crap out of (it was the 90s, give me a break) and I LURVED them.

These pants are a close second (but a much more adult look) to those fave pants of my teenage years. I love the colours in this great bright plaid and the pixie cut is so versatile.

I just happened to have this quilted tee that matches perfectly with the main colour of the pants and my trusty old brown boots made this a great outfit for running some errands, hanging out with my nephew and going to vote (Election day was Oct 19 here in Canada - we now have a new, Liberal Prime Minister).

The day was one of those typical fall days that starts out super chilly (frost on the ground and all) and ends up nice and comfortable (although windy). So a slightly thicker tee adds a bit of warmth without too much bulk.

Simple makeup and jewellery and I think this outfit is going to be a repeat fave.

Pants - Old Navy: similar / similar
Tee - Ricki's: similar / similar
Boots - Famous Footwear: similar / similar
Earrings - Handmade by Me

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