Friday, 20 February 2015

Fabulous Friday - Introducing Andrea!

It's back for another round - Fabulous Friday!
You've actually heard from Andrea before because she is the make-up queen behind the Mom skin-care and Mommy makeup posts - and now I've finally convinced her to to share her style with you as well!
She is a make-up guru, a Younique Representative, a social media maven and a Mama to 3 kiddos! Welcome Andrea!

A lazy Sunday with a little grocery shopping, late lunch with the family. What to wear... This mama is all about comfort (but I still want to look like I tried...) So this is what I came up with!

Jeggings are my fave - Looks like jeans, feels like yoga pants! And my flat faux suede scrunch boots are great for running after any kids that seem to sneak away at the grocery store.  

Now I love to layer so I keep it simple with a peach extra long cami (to make sure I'm covered)  on top of that a beige tank.... And of course my favourite open cardigan.

And to add just a little bling and make it a true put together look.  Add in a Christmas present that my hubby gave me: this necklace is simple and goes with anything.

And some fun bangles that I bought second hand of VarageSale...

And that's it! An easy look that suited the day well. 

Pants - Float Karma
Boots (similar) 

Bangels (similar )

Bone bangle (similar)

Sweater (similar) 

Tank top (similar)

Camisole (similar) 


Make up
And now the Fab-Friday Questionnaire:
What Mama Wears: In as few words as possible, how would you describe your personal style?
Andrea: Comfortable, easy, and fun.

WMW: What are 3 items in your closet you could not do without? 
A: Not going to lie, yoga pants, t-shirts and button up cardigans

WMW: What is your go-to everyday item? 
A: Fashion wise is my make up... If I have that done it does not matter if I am in my pjs I feel put together. 

WMW: How do you feel about trends: do you readily adopt them or let them slide by? 
A: I love watching trends.... I love to try different things and have fun with fashion. 

WMW: What’s your favourite place to shop? 
A: I love to shop on VarageSale and Target

WMW: Who is a style icon for you?
A: I think Jaclyn Hill is an amazing style guru.

WMW: What advice do you have for other ladies to show the world their beauty?
A: Take and make the time for you.... I get that life is busy but it's important to take care of you too. 
Thanks so much Andrea for agreeing to be one of our fabulous Friday ladies. Keep your eyes out for another post from Andrea soon about how she gets her eyebrows to look so awesome! 


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