Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It's my birthday, I'll wear hot pink if I want to

Hey there Blogees! It's my birthday! I'm 32! I don't know why I'm writing that with an exclamation point!

Okay, I'll stop.

Seriously though - something about birthdays after a certain age losing their lustre makes me want to wear hot pink and/or other freakishly bright and annoying colours. Kind of like, hey, I'm 32 and I'm gonna wear whatever the hell I want... or something.

Also - I love this skirt.

Anywho - this morning I went to the park with my BFF and her kiddos (and my kiddos, obvs) to hang out and be outside in the sunshine and have celebratory birthday timbits. And this is what I wore. Yay for birthday outfits (NOT to be confused with birthday suits - no one wants to see that, trust me).

I love the versatility of the chambray shirt. I wore it tied up today over a white tank because it looked weird tucked into the skirt and sloppy just worn over it. So tied up it is!

So there you have it. An obnoxiously pink skirt to be worn on my 32nd birthday when I pretty much wear whatever the heck I want.


Tank: Target
Chambray: Target
Skirt: Thrifted

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