Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cottage Chic

I may have my faults as a mother... and as a human being in general - but there is one thing that I will not apologise for.... teaching my children the right way and wrong way to dress for certain situations. Examples of clothing related wisdom I have imparted to my boys already:

1) Leggings are not pants. I feel like we've covered this before... and speaking of covered, if you're wearing leggings and your butt is not covered, you in trouble with Mama. Leggings =/= pants. NOT. PANTS.

2) It is either hot enough to wear shorts or cold enough to wear winter-style boots. Girls who wearing shorts and uggs - I'm talking to you. It cannot be both. Pick one. If one of my boys comes home with a girl who does this, she is obviously not intelligent enough to date him. Mama has spoken

3) You do NOT dress up at the cottage. Duh. The cottage is a place, fashion wise, that's kind of in a twilight zone.

Seriously: those jeans you wore when you were a teenager and have huge holes in the knees and you can't actually button up the button, but otherwise they still fit and they feel AWESOME... go for it. A random sweatshirt for a university you did not attend (and can't actually remember who might have attended it or visited it or why this sweatshirt is actually up at the cottage) - perfect. Those sneakers you wore when your Dad made you paint the back deck and have stain splatters all over the top - couldn't think of anything better. Pretty much anything goes at the cottage - I mean - it's the COTTAGE for Pete's sake!

So this "outfit" is your basic jeans that fit and feel good + shirt that is comfortable/hoody that's comfortable + new moccasins (because I just bought them and I wanted to... enough said) = Cottage Chic.

I'm so stylish I can hardly stand myself sometimes. Also - I definitely did not brush my hair this day. All in the interest of honesty here folks.
Bonfire time!

New Moccasins! Happy Early Birthday to MEEE! Love them!

Do you cottage? Do you have guilty cottage fashion pleasures?

Zip-up Hoody (top pic only) - Great Wolf Lodge
Top - Costco: similar / similar
Jeans - Value Village, but I think they originally came from Old Navy: similar
Moccasins - Wakonsun, purchased at Robinson's General Store, Dorset, ON: similar / similar

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