Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rainy Summer Day

I love the summer. Mostly because in relation to it, I can't stand being cold. I love those long, hot, summer days where you really just want to lay down somewhere and soak it in.... however, when we get a little brief reprieve in the middle of summer, after a good long thunderstorm the night before and you wake up in the morning and the air coming in feels fresh and cool. This was one of those days. Not planning on going anywhere means being dressed in something that's comfy enough to wear around the house, play with the kids and just hang out.

 This top was from Old Navy a few years back. It's been washed so many times now it feels like wearing a blanket. Super comfy - but it's wearing out - and I've been on the lookout for a replacement. Maybe this, this, or this.
Pants are the Faded Glory brand that Walmart carries in the states only. I recommend if you are shopping across the border that you check out Walmart's Faded Glory brand. It's fairly casual but there's some good basics pieces. These are jeggings that I have in 3 colours, they're super stretchy but have pockets and a fly like regular jeans.

 Boat shoes bought here at Walmart on sale. Probably about $9.00 at the end of last summer. You can get similar ones from Payless here or you could try these ones here
Summer selfie!
Have a great day.

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