Monday, 28 July 2014

What the cut (out)?

Okay friends, can we discuss something? This isn't going to be an outfit post, because I need to share a thought with you.

Tops, dresses and bathing suits - oh, laugh while you can - I'm not sure I'm at the stage yet where you'll get to see me in a swimsuit (maybe by the end of the summer, or if I post after drinking enough wine - yikes!)

But there's a little trend I've been seeing both in swimsuits and in tops lately and it looks like this:

 Seriously - this chick in the blue dress just looks completely unimpressed with life. I mean, for reals.

Cut-outs. Cut outs everywhere. And I'm not downing these designers - some of these are kind of cute - but there's one thing that it makes me think.... every. single. time.

Think of the tan-lines people. Think of the tan lines.

I mean, I get ticked off when I get flip-flop tan on my feet - where one of these things outside for a few hours and it'd be like having flip-flop tan.... on your neck?! Tell me that wouldn't make you a teensy bit crazy?

Maybe it's just me. What do you think? Are you in on the cut-out trend? Or do you just stock up on tan in a can?


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