Friday, 22 November 2019

High Tea

I am blessed to be very close with my sisters and our Mum. We travel together, and try to do some fun outings on a regular basis.

This past weekend, we attended an Interactive Victorian High Tea hosted by "Lady Cordelia Elizabeth Victoria Windsor" at the historic Piano Inn and Cafe in Port Perry, Ontario.

My youngest sister, Dee, got married at the Piano Inn and Cafe, so it has a special place in our hearts - and we are lucky to know that the food there is always fantastic and oh-so-delicious.

Our instructions for attending this tea were for the ladies to wear their best, hats and gloves recommended. So we all donned our posh dresses and raided my (perhaps excessive) collection of gloves, hats and fascinators and headed out to Port Perry for Tea. We were also instructed to create a titled name and so we became: Lady Evie Calder (myself), Lady Georgia Belmonte (our Mum), Lady Arabella Wakefield (my sister Sarah) and Lady Lilliana Windsor (my sister Dee).

I went back and forth between a few dresses, but finally settled on this red dress I've had for several years now. And I wore my t-strap shoes that always "feel" a bit vintage to me - but obviously not "Victorian".

The Piano is a perfect setting for a high tea (or an intimate wedding) as it's a gorgeous historic building, beautifully appointed inside with some seriously stunning art pieces on the walls from local artists. In the pic below are not art pieces - but some selections of the many many times The Piano has been mentioned in print!

Lady Cordelia greeted the guests, instructed us how to properly curtsy, how to drink our tea, how to approrpriately eat our way through the savory to sweet treats on our high-tea trays and gave us some lovely parlour games and trivia (about Queen Victoria, obviously).

She was gracious enough to pose for a few photographs after the event as well.

We had an absolutely lovely time - full of laughter, which is the norm for us and so many tasty treats. I left with both my stomach, and my heart - full.

If Lady Cordelia is hosting a tea near you - I highly recommend you go and partake - and if you're in Port Perry - stop in at The Piano Inn and Cafe for lunch. You won't regret it!

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  1. Aw, what a fun time with your sisters, Tea! You all look so lovely! I am loving your red dress. And now I want to go to a tea party!