Thursday, 17 December 2015

Simply Bold

I love red. I really do.

I can be shopping and see many things I like, but chances are if it comes in red, that's the colour I choose.

I do, in fact, own this blazer in 3 colours, navy, black and - of course - red. And the red one is my favourite.

It's such a nice bright, bold red that the rest of the outfit needs to be a little simpler. Classic blue jeans and a black tee with the blazer takes it from boring to fun.

I actually chose to take some of the pictures with the pencil still in my hair - because, that's honestly what I looked like for most of the day - one of the best things about naturally curly hair is being able to hold it up with a pencil sometimes!

No excessive jewellery, just some earrings and this outfit was great for running errands, going to a doctor's appointment and getting through my regularly busy day.

Be bold!

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  2. I love red too, you look great! Merry Christmas. Kirsten

  3. Psychology certainly supports your love of red so don't feel bad for gravitating towards it in stores. ;) That blazer also looks lovely on you and can be worn in different settings. Great find!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure