Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Outfit Round-up

Okay - so here's the deal - I was totally going to do a new outfit post today, but I changed my clothes like 5 times and every single time I hated what I was wearing even more, but I haven't put any laundry away in like a week because, Advent. So yeah.

Instead, I thought I'd do a Fashion Rewind post and show you a few examples of how things have been worn a multitude of different ways. Mkay?

First Fashion Rewind - Skinny Jeans
So, this may be a little obvious - but looking back over my outfits, it's apparent that I wear skinny blue jeans a LOT. But, can you blame me? These babies look great with everything! I am a firm believer that everyone needs at least 1 dark wash denim piece that they love, because it nigh well goes with everything.

Fashion Rewind #2 - A few Great Blazers
Oh, I do love a great blazer. They come in so many shapes and colours and they add such a nice, structured element to any outfit. Get a couple in a more casual fabric (like denim, canvas or linen) and they will quickly become part of your everyday wear. Mine are!

Fashion Rewind #3 - Over the Knee Boots
Okay - I know that some of you are not on the OTK boot train just yet, but let me see if I can convince you. When I first saw this style of boot my brain immediately went: AH! Hooker boots! Ala Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I mean, I had some knee HIGH boots, but none that were OVER the knee - what am I, some kind of floozy? Well, call me a floozy ladies because I. Love. These. Boots.
I picked up my OTK at Charlotte Russe in the states and loved them so much I got the same pair in both colours they carried. But these are everywhere, and in tonnes of colours too - I plan on expanding my collection as soon as I can.

Aside from wearing them over jeggings (which is my go-to) you can wear them with tights and a shorter skirt, or they look especially cool peeking out from under a midi skirt when you walk.

 So there you have it - Mama's picks for a Fashion Rewind. And I promise that there will be new outfit pics soon. And also you can keep an eye out for a couple of great Makeup tutorials from Andrea!


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