Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tunic Trend

I find it pretty amusing when I see things like "Tunics are on-trend for the plus-size woman" in advertisements or on fashion segments on day-time TV.

Can I just say a great big "DUH" to that? Come on - plus-sized gals know the tunic is our friend! It's long, covers your rear, if it's cut right skims over the belly. It's a beaut of an item to have in the closet.

I was super-excited the last time we were in the Vaughan Mills mall to see that the Suzy Shier there had their new plus-sized line! I'm bummed that it's not in our local malls, but I managed to try on about a dozen different items that day.

 Here's the downside (for me): their skirts are ALL too short. I mean, maybe on someone with slightly shorter legs they wouldn't look so short, but on me they're all downright obscene. They're also significantly higher priced than their straight size line. I know, I know - I've ranted about this before, but give me a break - it doesn't cost THAT much more to make a size 20 than a size 12. Drives me bonkers.

I did pick up this zipper front tunic. It's light, flowy, and I love the print. It's got a variety of colours in it, and there's the tiniest bit of burgundy so I decided to try and pick up on it with these leggings. Thankfully this tunic is plenty long enough to wear with leggings! My jean jacket, black vintage purse and some fun thong sandals and this is a comfortable, breezy outfit for a rainy summer day.
Jacket - Old Navy: similar / similar / similar
Tunic - Suzy Shier+: similar / similar / similar

Sandals - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Purse - Vintage
Leggings - Target

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