Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Love is Always in Style

I'm taking a break from a regularly scheduled personal style post because I want to gush and wax poetic about my hubby for a bit. So if that turns you off - feel free to stop reading now - style will be back tomorrow. ;)

Still here? Great! It's our 9th Anniversary! I'm often amazed at just how blessed I am to be married to my husband. He's my calm spot in the middle of my natural state of chaos. He's the logic to my emotion. He's my rock, my ever constant supporter, and my best friend.

The hubs and I met when we were teenagers at Presbyterian Young People's Society, but didn't start actually dating until University.

That said - he was my high-school prom date! We went as "friends" but he stepped up (and even bought my dress! Can you believe that?!) and made my prom night amazingly awesome. A few years later we both realized what our friends and family had known for some time already - that we were right for each other.

After dating for a couple of years, he proposed (on my birthday) and we got married at the dock of my cottage in June of 2006.

9 years later I am as much in love with this man as I ever had been. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else, and I can't imagine a better partner in life, parenting or a better Daddy to my two boys.

Happy Anniversary Honey! Love is always in style!

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