Monday, 1 June 2015

Professional Get-up

Every now and again I actually use my University degree.

Most people may not know this, but I'm actually a University of Toronto Graduate in Music. I'm a trained soprano. But that's not something that usually comes up in conversation, so...

This past weekend I actually worked by singing at a wedding, which I hadn't done in years. And after the experience of this past weekend (some miscommunication, etc) I remembered WHY I stopped singing at weddings. But hey - a gig is a gig, right?

I usually try and look both professional as well as dressy enough to be at someone's wedding. You don't want to look too flashy, but you also don't want to look out of place. Good classic neutral colours are always a good bet, so this flowy white and black top with a navy pencil skirt were basically perfect.

This pencil skirt is also the closest thing to sweat-shirt material I've ever worn, but it's heavy enough that it holds it's shape and looks dressy. Simple black slingback heels and minimal jewellery complete this look. So there you have it - my professional, wedding-singer, get-up.

Blouse - Thrifted: similar / similar / similar
Skirt - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar
Shoes - Payless: similar / similar / similar

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  1. Great look, I hope it went well.

    1. Thanks! It went fine once things actually got going!

  2. Lovely look, what a cute skirt. Ahh sorry you had miscommunication.

    Garay Treasures

    1. Thanks Rachel - i love the crochet trim on this skirt - just makes it that little bit different. Yes, the bride told me a different start time (an hour earlier than the actual wedding) and then the wedding itself started almost 45 minutes late... so there was that. But once it actually got going it went off just fine.