Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dreaming of Spring: Wardrobe Wishlist

Oh this snow. This horrible, cold, wet, snow. Ugh.

Okay -  I know, I know - I live in Canada. It snows here. Duh. But still. It's been oh-so-cold for the past few weeks and it snows like every other day and I'm just tired of putting on 18 bajillion layers every single time I want to go out of the house, and I'm tired of days where the air is so cold it freezes your nose shut and then hurts your teeth when you breathe.

Okay - that was probably too much information - the point is - it's cold, and I'm sick of it.

To combat my Feb-blah-ary I've been doing a considerable amount of online window(s) shopping and I thought I would share my Spring Wardrobe Wishlist with you all! I'm dreaming of bright pink, coral, green and blue. Sunny yellows and bright rich reds. I'm dreaming flowers and prints and fun accessories too!


So there you have it - this Mama will be seeking out bright coloured accessories, punchy solid coloured tops or jackets, print pants and day dresses. I'm hoping to score a few of these items while thrifting - but if you can manage to wait until it's "actually" spring before you shop - you may find that you're able to score some deals when the stores start to transition into their summer stock. 

What's on your spring wardrobe wishlist?



  1. lovely picks!! can't wait for spring wardrobe too!! yay for colours!!

    have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

    1. I'm just dying for some bright colour! Thanks for stopping by!