Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cardi and Scarf

Get a bunch of Moms and Mom-types together and you'll see an abundance of these two things: cardigans and scarves.

I don't know what it is about it.

Maybe it's because we spend a lot of our time telling kids to bundle up, make sure they're wearing layers, etc etc.
Maybe it's because there's oh-so-many options out there for both cardigans and scarves.
Maybe it's because it's just about one of the easiest things to put on over a basic neutral outfit.
Maybe, just maybe - it's because we like them. Whatever the reason - I'll admit that I fall squarely into the group of cardigan wearing, scarf loving gals, and I am not ashamed.

I do love how it takes this completely basic black pants and tee outfit and gives it a bit of shine. I do love how there's about a million different ways to tie a scarf (seriously, google ways to tie a scarf and there's like a ga-jillion videos on youtube). And I do love how a cardigan is a perfect layer for going from indoors to out and adds a little colour to an otherwise seriously boring outfit.

This cardigan is one of those with the roll tab option for sleeves, it is a nice light knit and falls past my bum (which is basically a must for anything for me these days). And this scarf was something I purchased from a missionary group to Peru at my church the last time they visited. It has a beautiful blend of colours and can look different depending on how you tie it and which colours are facing out.

I wore this to hang out and my parent's house, eat dinner, drink wine and laugh. Perfect.


Cardigan - Mark's Work Wearhouse: similar / similar / similar
Tee- Walmart: similar / similar
Pants - Walmart: similar / similar 
Scarf - Handmade: similar / similar / similar
Flats - Ardene: similar / similar

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