Tuesday, 17 December 2019


Do you have items in your closet that you only wear once or twice a year? I hate having stuff like that, because it feels kind of wasteful - but this skirt fits firmly in that category.

I think I've had it 3 years now - and I'm certain this can't be more than the 3rd (maybe 4th) time I've worn it.

It's a great skit, I love the shape, the length, and it's even stretchy - but it's the gold lamé type shimmer - it just feels so festive that I only ever wear it at Christmas time!

I wore this to church this past Sunday - and had originally planned to pair it with a white blouse - but white clothes and I don't often get along, so of course it was dirty, lol. So I grabbed my twist-front green shirt (that you saw not too long ago) and paired it instead.

It ended up feeling quite festive, and of course, so comfortable - which is what's important when you're dressed up, if you ask me!

What's your once or twice a year item? What ideas can you give me for styling this skirt so I don't feel so Christmas-y when I wear it?

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  1. I think that skirt deserves to be worn more often! It's lovely and it looks great on you!